What is the Amicable Society?

 What is the Amicable Society?Wine lovers’ society expanding

Named Amicable after the story of a certain Londoner: hanging in the foyer of the Office of the Masters of Wine in Five Kings House in London is the portrait of Mr. van Hornahambone – merchant.

The inscription under it reads:

“Belonged to a club called the Amicable Society held at Bull Inn Bishopsgate Street for a period of 22 years.
During the above period he drank 35,600 bottles of wine which makes 2973 dozen. An average of nearly 4 bottles and a half per day.
He did not miss drinking the above quantity except for two days, one of which was the burial of his wife and the other the marriage of his daughter. He lived until he was 90 years old.”

Painted by Mr Highmore in year 1743.


But really… What is the Amicable Society?

The Amicable Society is led by Rob Geddes MW for groups who want to enjoy premium wine and food. Society events are held each month in a range of locations.
Small groups of vinous lovers gather under the banner of ‘The Amicable Society’ to celebrate fine wines.
Given the joy of sharing and discovering wine at the heart of these events, it won’t surprise you that the Society lives up to its moniker.
Tastings include wines from both famous and lesser known quality regions and producers. We look for the special and the unusual. We also have an eye to the best value for the price.

Tickets are approximately $180 Including wine and food (A 4 course meal matched with 4 flights of wine)

To Book, or for more information please call 9966 0631
Or Email: jeremy@thegoldbook.com.au

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