Welcome to Thirst of the Month!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Thirst of the Month! If you are reading this you know that we now require a subscription for access to monthly picks and tasting notes. I am often asked for my opinion on wines, vintages, price and drink by dates – advice that certainly “comes with the turf” and is taken as a sign of friendship and a compliment to my experience and methods. However, subscription fees mean that I will be able to provide more detailed tasting notes and more of them.

Subscribers can still ask via the newsletter for support and advice though we encourage you to use the Wines That Make Me Think Facebook group as a forum and community for these questions.

Wine quality reviews are ephemeral; they have a short shelf life and are prone to subjective bias. Our aim is to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of wine in a way that is both approachable and informative.

My point of view stems from a love of wine’s variety and regional uniqueness. Wine, after all is just a drink, but in the social context it can mean so much to people and say so much about people. I want flavour complexity with length and enough structure to suit different foods and seasons. We taste a wide range of wines; some “geek,” some “interesting” and some that are more mainstream middle palate richness and value for money. We know that your wine needs vary according to occasion, and so we make an effort to review all price points allowing you to make confident decisions. Ratings are relative to overall drinkability. I am not at all concerned with recommending wines with scores in the upper 80’s.

I think ultimately wine quality is the most flavour with the least body and alcohol. Many people like ripeness so we are using the term for “lovers of full bodied reds” for Parker style ripe wines. We hope you taste far and wide, ripe or subtle, strong or light: Here we are looking for wines of wondrous diversity.

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Rob Geddes MW

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