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Tasting Notes


Vasse Felix    Heytesbury    2015     Chardonnay                           80.00   13.00    2025    96       

The fine aromas combine barrel ferment lees and oak to create subtle notes of grape fruit, lemon and vanilla pod oak. The palate is fine, firm balanced and yet layered which is a remarkable balancing act and long with citrus flavours and tannin edge that support long fruit flavours that finish with citrus. If you want mouth filling Margaret River this is not your wine but if sophistication restraint and delicacy of great wine appeals, this is your baby.


Vasse Felix    Tom Cullity   2013     Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec 150.00            14.50    2045    96       

While it starts out with showing cabernet aromas, there is a deeper rich black fruit layer. Cedar, minerals fruits, blueberry, black currant pastes join the black currant fruit harmony to give volume. The palate is finely wrought and has fuller texture hinting more at a finer Bordeaux such as Leoville las cas than classical left bank so there are tannins black fruit very deep in the middle palate and generous aligning fruit ripeness, tannins and oak to create a plush texture and an al dente palate to close with fine finish.


Southern Highland Wines Oldbury Reserve 2016 Sauvignon Blanc 24.00 12.80           2018     95       


The best sauvignon blanc I have seen from the Highlands and this maker…ever. Very good intensity with  generous ripe varietal tropical fruits showing abundant ripe passionfruit and pineapple. The palate has richness, concentration and intensity of ripe tropical fruit with concentration and weight. A solid wine with abundant middle palate flavours and a gentle finish. Great summer drinking here.


Philip Shaw    No 89  2013     Shiraz Viognier                     50.00   13.80    2026    94       


The aromas are the complete cool climate shiraz of violets, smoked meats, red berry, sandalwood and peppery spice. The fine grained tannins are medium/ full bodied with even length and rich, yet refined, flavours of dark berry, bitter chocolate and apricot with concentration and great length thanks to the complex tannin profile. Finishes sandalwood, dark chocolate and youthful.


Domaine Naturaliste           Artus   2015     Chardonnay                           45.00   13.00    2019     93       

If ever a chardonnay needed decanting it this wine as it changes with air and time in the glass more than many. Struck match and orange zest fruit notes with oak giving a good Chinese tea, milk chocolate, moccha oak notes. The lavish palate has length and depth, struck match notes flinty in the middle and the butterscotch milk chocolate oak adds to the pear fruits. If you like chardonnay with richness this is for you.


Vasse Felix    Margaret River          2015     Chardonnay               37.00   13.00    2020    93       

Complex positive intensity of fruit and creamy barrel ferment oak notes. The palate is creamy elegant yet generous and silky and very controlled in its complexity with the delicate satin texture yeast lees driving the wine skimming over waves of oak and white nectarine fruits in your mouth to complete finish.


Domaine Naturaliste           Floris  2015     Chardonnay                           30.00   13.00    2019     92       

Grapefruit reaching in to peachy ripe fruits with subtle struck match winemaker note. The mouth, good mouth feels a silky soft ripe flowing fruit complexity, easy to drink, creamy up front and unfolding into grapefruit and citrus on the finish, which gathers enough flavour, and texture to be very food friendly and complete.


Chandon        Brut    NV      Pinot Noir      Chardonnay               31.99    12.50    2017     92

Very positive and polished with fruity red fruit notes of pomegranate, slight smoky note that creates ‘look at me’ personality. The palate is elegant with a touch of tannin dryness and not too sweet, the fruit runs through watermelon and pomegranate and finishes fruit flavoured and dry, not sweet.


Apogee Wines           Vintage Deluxe 2013            Chardonnay   Pinot Noir      Pinot Meunier           49.95            12.00    2018     92       


Generous complexity and doughy intensity, play dough and plasticine in a positive sense from the yeast development showing well. The palate is graceful, notes of fresh fruits, some citrus, blood orange and lemon and some red fruits strawberry and raspberry. But not over bearing up front with the body of the wine evolving into yeasty richness.


Clover Hill     Methode Traditionelle         2012     Chardonnay   Pinot Noir      Pinot Meunier           45.00            12.50    2018     92       


The aromas show fruit richness into black olive development with a spicy edge. The palate has balance in the champagne manner, excellent structure and length, very fine integrated acidity yet the fruit is quite primary with white and yellow fruits. Lovely texture.


Vinden Estate Wines                        2016     Verdelho                                26.00   13.00    2017     90       

Very tropical custard apple, polished ripe fruits with a rich ripe and oily palate that on first sip is creamy long and lunch wine and will match food really well, sophisticated fresh wine and long in flavour.


Baillieu Vineyard                  2015     Pinot Noir                              35.00   13.00    2018     90       

Gum leaf edged, red fruited, short bread biscuit, vanilla oak aromas. The palate is ripe upfront berry fruits quite firm in texture and dry on the medium long finish with tough oak biscuity notes lingering to close.


Baillieu Vineyard                  2015     Chardonnay                           35.00   13.00    2017     90       

Rich yellow fruit, balanced oak complexity. Ready to drink, well made medium bodied oily texture with ripe yellow fruit with a toasty oak note and vanilla brulee to close.


Taltarni          Cuvee Rose    2011     Chardonnay   Pinot Noir      24.00   12.00    2017     88       

Raspberry sorbet fruit and freshness leads to a raspberry and strawberry fruits align in middle palate with soft acidity and creaminess.


Chandon        Sparkling with Orange Bitters NV Chardonnay   Pinot Noir 31.99        12.50    2017     88       


A very adventurous wine that offers a new way with fizz. Gentle orange, mandarin citrus botanical aromas, well balanced sweetness and citrus flavours and very subtle bitterness, meaning less bitter than a gin and tonic. I would drink over ice as the back label says.


Elgee Park     Family Reserve         2015     Chardonnay               50.00   13.50    2017     88


Deep colour, deep oak lees notes almost into champagne spectrum. The palate has depth and fatness with length and creamy texture with fleshy fruit fat firm and forward.


Wicks Estate             2015     Chardonnay                           25.00   12.50    2017     87       


Grape fruits and flinty notes herald the modern Australian chardonnay style with the tropical notes coming through on the middle palate with pineapple before the dry finish.


Red Hill         Estate Range 2014     Pinot Noir                              22.00   14.00    2017     87       

Deep colour with raspberry into maraschino cherry fruit aromas, earthy stables and rich upfront broad and finishing earthy band-aid stables on the finish. Could be burgundy.

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