Thirst of the Month – A selection by Rob Geddes MW

Rob Geddes MW

My Thirst of the Month picks are a selection of wines aimed at providing a best by price guide for those interested in wine.

This is not an overview of every thing we rate highly (which you can find by using my app) but is rather a recommendation that you can use practically, in order to select and understand wine which you might choose for your table, a special occasion, or a place in your cellar!

My aim is to provide you with less dud bottles and more excitement, to reduce your risk factor, increase your pleasure and hopefully make purchase easier in online, cellar door and retail buys. The last decade has seen inflation in wine writing resulting in longer notes and higher scores. As many of you may know I love a long note but these can be vulnerable to subjectivity and so I have a set 100-word limit as a rule in a bid to achieve objectivity between myself and my companion tasters.

We do revisit wines during our tastings to check our initial point of view. Fast tasting is more liable to error than slow tasting so we do 50 wines a session and two sessions most weeks per year.

The scores are positioning devices to explain where a wine fits in the quality ladder. I have provided the rhetoric below so as to give further context to these scores.

Trophy 96 + very good purity and length of flavour, balance and complexity, generally light medium bodied
Gold Medal 94 – 95 Intensity and power of flavour length and body will range
Silver Medal 90 – 94 has distinctive pleasure, intensity and appeal with freshness
Bronze Medal 84 -89 at the 86 -89 point they are good wines mid week and flavour of higher scores distinguished by enjoyable flavour but not the length or evenness of
No Medal If it’s cheap it’ll be a cheerful drink
Below 80 My editor will not publish these
Did not put in mouth Yes we still get wines of this quality

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