Wine Submission FAQ

When should I send samples?

You should send it in advance of wines being released if possible

For an entry in the app: Before March 2018


Where do I ship samples ?


79 West Street


(Note: Please do not ship styrofoam containers)

How many samples do I ship?

One bottle of each vintage.


Is there a fee for submitting samples?

Submitting your wine to Rob Geddes is free.


What do I have to include with my wine submission shipment?

  1. Winemaker:
  2. Cellar Door Hours:
  3. RRP’s:
  4. Do you also serve food or have accommodation at your winery?
  5. What vintages you will be sending (or if a vintage was not made, so we can keep our records up to date)

For each wine please include a label only image in jpeg or tiff format. You are welcome to include NV labels if this is easier.

This can be on paper or sent via the application form


How many bottles are required of each wine tasted?

Only one bottle of screw cap wine is required. Please send 2 if cork finished if possible.


Can I contact you to find out if you received my wine or when the review will appear?

Yes, we will be happy to answer. Contact


Will I be notified if my wine is reviewed?

All wines are tasted and reviewed according to work load and travel, best give us a month.

Reviews appear in Highlife Margaret River Life, Thirst of the month, Australian Wine Vintages and Australian Wine Vintages app.

Features on wineries and regions appear in Highlife, Margaret River Life, ABC Radio National Night Life, Wine In China Magazine, Gai Waterhouse.


Is there any fee associated with your reviews?

There are no fees associated with the reviews.


Can I purchase your reviews ?

Please contact


Can I submit older vintages of my wines?

Yes, by submitting more than one vintage it is easier to create an entry suitable for the book.


Is there a limit on how many wines I can submit?

No limit. You can send as many wines as you want. For wines bottled more than once per vintage.

If I choose not to submit my wine, will you purchase it and review it anyway?

We do purchase wine for reviewing. However, we also try many wines at different events and tastings. These may get referenced in the app.


Where may it appear?

Highlife Magazine, Wine In China Magazine, discussed on ABC Radio National The Nightlife ( 950,000 listeners).

The Australian Wine Vintages database is sold to other digital content


How do I find out if my wine has been reviewed and the score it received?

You can purchase a feed or your wine reviews.


Where will the reviews of my wines appear?

It will be in our database. It will also be in the app. It will be included in the gold book if we thought it was worth it.




May I contact Rob Geddes to find out if my wines have been delivered or reviewed?

Please contact